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Cape Cod or Cottage Homes

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Cape-cod style homes were built as early as the 1700 hundreds but their modern period of great success was in the first half of the 1900 hundreds. These are the modest but cute and comfortable family homes, typically with only one or one and a half stories and the second floor is actually converted attic space with dormer windows to let in extra light and air. Often you will find a simple first floor with a living room, kitchen and adjacent dining area plus one or two bedrooms off to the side that share a common bathroom. Upstairs in the attic space you may find one to three bedrooms with one or two bathrooms.

These homes can have a romantic feel with window seats in upstairs dormers and slant ceilings upstairs to follow the roof lines. Rooms tend not to be very large in a Cape Cod-style home and tall people may particularly dislike the lack of overhead space upstairs. These homes can be especially nice choices for singles or older homeowners who would like to live on one floor but still have room upstairs for guests. However, parents with young children may balk at the bedroom arrangements which may separate them from children who have bedrooms on a different level.

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