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Key Buzzwords to Sell Your Property Faster

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Want to make sure you’re marketing your home with all the right buzzwords to sell faster and for more money?

Your listing details are more than a simple description of your house. They’re the key words and phrases that can help your home sell fast.

Core Logic researchers analyzed over one millions listings in 2016, dissecting which words had positive and negative effects on the property’s duration on the market.  The listing phrases that boosted home sales the most were “fenced backyard,” “open concept,” “natural light,” and “updated kitchen”

On the flip side, phrases such as “gourmet kitchen,” “ceramic tile,” “golf course,” and even “custom built” led to more time on the market. This sounds counter intuitive at first, right? But researchers say these words can indicate expensive homes, which may have less demand than lower-priced, more affordable homes.

While the Core Logic study is the most recent of its type, it’s not the first one to study power words and phrases. A different study conducted between 1997 and 2000 on 20,000 Canadian listings found that words such as “beautiful,” “move-in condition,” and “landscaping” helped sell property. Words such as “good value,” “motivated,” and “must sell” meant more time on the market and less money.

The terms “well-maintained” and “renovated” can have a positive impact on a listing. Adding new granite counter top doesn’t quite qualify as a “renovated kitchen,” Sellers are to use the term only if they’ve included new appliances and cabinets. If they’ve done just a few cosmetic updates, stick to the phrase “updated kitchen.” Likewise, use “well-maintained” instead of “renovated” if you haven’t put in some serious work because that can be a big turnoff for potential buyers.

One risk with giving an inaccurate description or oversell your description of the home, is losing your buyer the minute they walk in and see it otherwise. ’Excellent condition’ means it needs to have updated everything, Your listing agent needs to know all the details that one can’t see with a naked eye for example if the home might need some plumbing work or foundation work. If it does, the property in not in “pristine” or “excellent condition.”  Don’t hide your home’s flaws—own up to them. Generally, buyers will look past imperfections, if they are warned ahead of time.


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