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Chicago North Shore – How to Find a Buyer?

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How can you find a buyer in the Chicago North Shore real estate market?

With all the talk about outrageous bidding wars and shortage of inventory in the news, you might not think selling a home in Chicago North Shore would be much of a challenge. After all, the Chicago North Shore market is most profitable one. However, while there is certainly huge demand for some types of properties, others are sitting on the market for longer than expected.  It is important to familiarize yourself with several aspects of the Chicago/ North Shore real estate market before you intend to sell.

Not everyone has the luxury of months, or even a year, to get their home under contract and sold. Even of those that do, it can definitely be counterproductive and extremely expensive.

So whether you are one of those that have had a Chicago / North Shore home rotting on the market for months, or you are just considering selling and don’t want to fall into a hole, what can you do to sell your home fast on the real estate market?

1. Check Your Pricing

The Chicago / North Shore real estate market may be heating up, but getting the list price wrong is easily the single biggest mistake sellers make.  This mistake can severely hurt your status as a seller.

2. Visibility

Certain homes are selling like hotcakes because of the visibility they enjoy or method in which they are being sold. However, simply sticking a sign in your yard or putting it up for sale on a for sale by owner website doesn’t mean your home will capture the interest you envisioned.

3. Stage it

Unless you are flipping houses, selling wholesale properties or are completely strapped for cash it might be smart to consider home staging.

4. Highlight the Benefits

Don’t automatically assume that your home will stand out as a preferred choice or the value will be justified unless you consciously highlight the benefits. Out of state buyers and international investors now make up a huge percentage of home buyers in Chicago/ North Shore, and most of them have little geographical understanding of the region. Let them know how great the neighborhood is and how convenient the location is.

5. Be Prepared

Be ready to move quickly. Know how much you will really go down to in net proceeds, how soon or far away you are willing to close, how you will qualify potential buyers, and what repairs you are willing to make in order to streamline negotiations.

6. Sell Fast for Cash

Instead of signing up to fork over large commissions or take the ‘throw it at the market and see’ approach, know that there are buyers already with arms open, be ready to make a cash offer and close in days.

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